Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Which portable vocal booth works best with the Sennheiser 416?

We carry three models of Portable vocal booths. Al off them pretty much the same booth at different stages of development. If the question is about the size , then any of our portable vocal booths can accommodate any type of microphone. To see  Microphone compatibility chart click here ==>   Microphones

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Q) My blankets got dirty, is there a way to wash them?

Yes! Simply take them to your local laundromat (not dry cleaning) and put them into a commercial washing machine, use regular detergent but not too much. Your home machines won’t be large enough to accommodate the size of the blanket. Then use a commercial dryer and put them on high

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Q) Question about Producers Choice blankets

The blankets come in different weights because they come in different sizes. The material is the same this is why the NRC ( noise reduction) is the same. The NRC is tested for a material sample. The size of the sample for testing must be standard, so any lab test

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Q) Is there still an issue with smell?

If you found us through an online forum, you might have noticed complaints about an awful smell coming off the blankets. They may have looked like this: 19th December, 2012: [The blankets] smell like some kind of petroleum distillate. We did have a problem at the time. It was difficult

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Q) Does fluffing acoustic blankets help to absorb sound better?

A) The difference might be marginal. But in theory, loose fiber would absorb sound better. This is because in loose fiber each of the filaments have to be agitated individually, therefore more sound energy being spent on “shaking ” each individual fiber. In tightly pressed filler the fibers that are “stuck

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Q) Do you rent vocal booths?

A) Yes, we offer a rental program for our acoustic vocal booths and later for the sound booths. Please contact us to discuss your project. **We have currently suspended booth rentals during the Covid-19 pandemic**

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