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2016 is here! Time for new plans and resolutions for what you want to accomplish this year. Here at, we want to help you be successful in 2016.

To be successful, you need the right tools. The products we carry are designed for ease of use and practicality. Take our Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets, they are specifically designed for sound absorption and can be hung or placed in many different spaces. If you’re interested in soundproofing a space- maybe a home office space or studio- these blankets are perfect for the job.

If you are looking for a recording space, why not try one of our Vocal Booths? If your New Year’s Resolution is to learn to play an instrument, a booth like this provides a private enclosed space for practice, while not disturbing those around you, or even next door. We offer various sizes and the setup is easy and no tools are required- just simply snap the frame into place and attach the blankets.

Whatever your endeavor in this New Year, we want to help you accomplish your goals and make 2016 your most successful year yet!

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