ACCU Booth 4 AVB4 Video

Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, (AVB4) (dimensions 47″W x 47″L x up to 88″ high with four height options)  is a portable walk-in audio recording studio that gives you an immediate acoustically treated room anywhere you set it up. AVB4 https://vocalboothtogo.com/product/acoustic-vocal-booth-4/ is more spacious than the AVB3 model and can comfortably accommodate a

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portable vocal booth review

Portable Vocal Booths product Review

Comparative Review of Portable Vocal Booths. For voice actors as well as musicians and vocalists alike, who want to work on the go, having a portable vocal booth is a must. Especially for professionals who travel frequently or aren’t able to access an audio recording studio at a moment’s notice.

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Vocal Booth To Go to the RESCUE!!!

Celebromedia.com contacted us and wanted to put a barrier in between reporters across from the White House to give them audio isolation. We provided them with a solution  of a panel of high mass vinyl to hang between them to let them speak to their individual cameras, but in the

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Bruce Gale – His DIY Vocal Booth

Background: For the past two years, I’ve have been taking voice over acting classes, and attending workshops to develop my skills as a voice over actor. Coaches, Agents, and Directors emphasize that first and foremost, one must become a good actor! But in addition to becoming a good actor, you

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