We are on a mission to meet the best Voice Talents in the USA.

Starting mid August 2017 we will be trekking across the country in search of the best Voice Talents and most interesting recording locations for our new Carry-on Vocal Booth.

Live tracking of the tour van

[tsmap gpx=/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/mapstogpx20170816_172930.gpx user=Jasontesting track=1,2 color=yellow,green]

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Q) How to reduce noise in outdoor kennel environment

We’ve recently received following question about noise reduction in dog kennels: Q) I’m a professional dog trainer, looking for a solution to reduce noise in outdoor kennel environment. Please see picture: A) Please see our dedicated article about sound reduction in dog kennels. Looking at your picture I can immediately see that area that you

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PalletVO vocal booth soundproofing test

Cheap Sound Isolation Enclosure out of pallets: soundproofing test

This is the third part of the series to show if the PalletVO actually works. I tested the ventilation system and how noisy it is, I showed how to make the ventilation system quieter by using our Ventilation Muffler. We also tested the soundproofing capacity of the sound isolation booth to block the sound coming

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How to build Vocal Booth from free Wooden Pallets

This is the video of building a vocal booth from free wooden pallets. We called it “Palletvo Booth”: Most of the materials that were used in building this vocal booth are found in a dumpster or next to it. The only materials that cannot be easily found in a dumpster are: Mass Loaded Vinyl (very

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