VBTG Condenser Vocal Mic Versus Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Vocal Mic

Our $149.00 VBTG Condenser vocal mic is put up against one of the most popular mics used in voice over today, the $999.00 Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Condenser. Recorded in the same vocal booth with voice actor Dave Andrea (https://www.daveandrea.com) reading the same script in both mics. Listen for yourself, with

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Vocal Booth To Go Shotgun Condenser Microphone DEMO

At Voice Over Atlanta 2019, actors were grouped and tasked with creating spots for Hands On Atlanta. This group had our VBM-90S Short Shotgun MIC in hand and put it to use with one of our Producer’s Choice blankets for their improvised booth. Everyone in the group was surprised as

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Vocal Booth To Go Condenser Microphone DEMO

Voiceover artists tell us our short condenser mic competes with the $1000 Senn 416 and here is the proof! A VO Atlanta 2019 voice over group recorded their challenge session with our microphone with 6 different voices, male and female. Their booth also featured a Producer’s Choice blankets to absorb

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