Soundproof-er Sound Booth SPB63 Assembly Instructions Video

NOTE: we have SPB sound booth in different sizes and the assembly of all of them is pretty similar. It is very important that you start assembly with assembling the door frame side. If you get that under control – everything else will be easy.

These booths are a great mobile sound isolation enclosure to be used for Voice over recording, singing practice, musical instruments practice, audiometry testing and such. We offer single wall and double wall versions of the booth. Single wall booth provides 30dB and up to 45 dB sound reduction and double wall blocks outside noise about 40 dB to 80 dB at high frequency.

SPB63 stands for “SoundProof-er Booth”. and “63 ” related to size. SPB63 is approximately 80 inches tall, 80 inches Long by 40 inches Wide, or rounded to 6 ft x 3 ft footprint. This is a Mobile Sound Booth constructed out of Aluminum frame and soundblocking wall panels, engineered as composite layered structure to increase soundblocking efficiency of the product with the same mass, compare to vocal booth built with solid rigid walls. It can be taken apart and moved in a large car or a van. Be careful the panels are heavy, so we recommend you use some help.

See here how to select a sound isolation booth that is good for you: Soundproofer sound Booths, SPB Series from– how to choose the one that suits you best? ( ) Sound isolation Booth SPB63 measures approximately 80” L x 40” W x 80” H. on the inside ( outside dimensions are 3- 4 inches larger due to the wall thickness).

Mobile Sound Booth SPB63 can be transported in a passenger car and assembled in 30-60 minutes at location.

Single wall SPB 63 booth: Mobile Sound Booth 6×3 with Soundproofing – Portable Vocal Booth ( Enhanced Double wall SPB63 booth: Enhanced Mobile Sound Booth 6×3 (SPB63-2) with two layers of limp mass soundproofing barrier ( For more innovative products for your home recording studio, acoustic room treatment, DIY vocal booth or home soundproofing solutions go to Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, and many more acoustic treatments to optimize sound absorption. Studios, Vocal professionals, Voiceover artists, Audio Engineers, and Home studios use our products every day to control their sound environment and record beautiful audio!

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