Healthy Transitions – Tell Your Story – Clients rented our SPB 6×6 Sound Proofer(er) booth for quiet recordings

Healthy Transitions rented our SPB6x6 Soundproof(er) booth to use to records patients health journeys to better health and living. This was setup at the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda, Maryland for a few day event. We went down to setup the booth and came back a few days later to take it down and bring it back. While we were there, we met Jane Tobler who was in charge of recording the participants and also interviewing them. When we asked how she liked using the booth, she described how much she loved it and had never seen a booth like the one we provided. The conference was a busy and noisy place, but the SPB6x6 did a great job isolating it from the pedestrian traffic going by constantly while they were conducting interviews and doing recordings.

If you are interested in renting one of our booths, check this link for more information and to book yours today: VOCAL BOOTH RENTALS

Currently we have new SPB 6×6 and 3×3 vocal booths available for pre-order and will be a better design with tighter acoustical resistance and sound isolation, now with a swing out door! Here is the link for pre-orders and information: PRE-ORDER FOR NEW VOCAL BOOTH

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