In this video we are giving a preview of our new FlexTee stand to suspend acoustic blankets in your home recording studio.

If you have a good set up in the closet, but need to prevent that feedback from the room behind you.

This FlexTee stand is a great way to cover the back and the side from echo and reflections.

In this Video we present a first glance at the second generation of our Universal Stand – FlexTee Stand!…​ This stand is not only has extendable T-bar to accommodate the 80- inch span to support acoustic blankets, but it also allows you to cover the sides around you for better room acoustic control. Which makes it a great and most efficient way to use acoustic sound blankets anywhere. If you have an audio recording studio or record on location and need quick mobile acoustic treatment – the FlexTee Stand is the right tool for the job, because it provides you flexibility to go around without cutting corners! Easily create acoustically treated area in any size room and in various configurations. Threaded mini mic pole is included to enable it to work as a stand for VOMO – Portable recording studio. So it is not only gives you flexibility to use acoustic blankets Producer’s Choice (…​ ) anywhere, but you can use the same stand to mount the portable vocal booth – VOMO. (…​ ) The stand weighs just 11 pounds yet it can hold up to 50 pounds and goes up to 9 feet tall. FlexTee stand can be used as a light truss, but it is intended to provide a freestanding support for Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets, to turn them into mobile sound absorption panels, or low cost yet extremely effective gobos, that can be strategically positioned for performance on a live stage, church, recording room, to separate vocalists of musicians etc. With the extended T-bar you can hang a full sized Producers Choice Acoustic Blanket fully open, freestanding to move wherever you need without having to hang on a wall or ceiling track. Creators of Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets, VOMO portable vocal booth, and many more acoustic treatments to optimize sound absorption. Studios, Vocal professionals, Voiceover artists, Audio Engineers, and Home studios use our products everyday to control their sound environment. See more at www.VocalBoothToGo.comSHOW LESS

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