Hey there!

What can I say but thank you Vocal Booth to Go! I have been truly impressed with the products I’ve had the pleasure of using.

As with so many starting out in VO, I’d started by using a ‘top brand’ acoustic foam to treat my space, and while they managed to help, the difference was drastic when I switched to using the PC blankets. Not only were they easier to mount, and covered a lot more area for much less money, they really helped improve my sound quality. Plus, they’re easier to transport if you have to hit the road!


The other product that really caught my attention is the VBM-90s small condenser microphone. I’d really been wanting a Sennheiser MKH-416, like you do, but I just didn’t have the dough for it. I’d scoured the internet, listened to numerous mic shootouts and read dozens of posts about affordable ways to try and get that sweet sound. Then someone sent me their own mic shootout between their 416 and the VBM-90s…and I actually guessed wrong which was which! That did it. I got one, and it truly is an amazing mic for the price. I’ve even used it to do drop in pickups into my demo that were originally recorded on the 416 and it fit right in. I cannot recommend this mic enough to anyone who either wants that sound but doesn’t have the money or just to have as an extra piece for your mic locker. You cannot beat it!


Thanks for everything!

Curt Bonnem

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