Before Getting Gear — Learn About Soundproofing & Acoustic Room Treatment

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When you are preparing to set up your recording studio either for your voice acting or audio recording profession, it’€™s all very exciting. You may want the latest gadgets and gear. But, you may be missing something very important — you need to understand and learn the difference between soundproofing and acoustic room treatment before investing in other products.

And, what if you don’€™t?

Well, you may just end up spending a lot of money and time.


In a nut shell, soundproofing means that the sound has to be stopped from leaking in or out of an enclosure. Soundproofing is reducing the sound pressure between the source of sound that is generating the actual sound pressure and the receiver of the sound — such as a microphone. To keep sounds out, a recording studio needs to be isolated from the outside world. Sound isolation works the same — both ways — so there’s no difference in the approach of keeping sound in or out.

Here is the rub.

It is very hard to achieve a 100% sound isolation on a small budget. However, understanding soundproofing will help you get the best sound isolation possible.

Want to learn more?

Look at this article, Understanding the Difference Between Soundproofing and Acoustic Room Treatment, which will give you an overview of soundproofing and acoustic room treatment. It will give you the knowledge you need to build your recording studio and make the best music or voice overs — the right way.

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