September 18, 2015

Acoustic Blankets Mounting Tracks

Hang Acoustic Blankets with These Mounting Tracks to Create the Perfect Environment to Obtain Clear Recordings If you lack the floor space in your studio or room in your home for a standing vocal booth, these Acoustic Blankets Mounting Tracks may be your answer. These mounting tracks  — either for

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Carry-on Vocal booth 2013 in travel

Movie Mongol Warner Brothers Purchases Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets

Warner Brothers, the global leader of creation, productions, licensing and marketing of entertainment world-wide, recently purchased a set of VocalBoothToGo’s Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets These lab-test sound blankets started its roots in the television and movie production industry and provided sound blankets to the set of hit movies such as Marley

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Soundproof Sound isolation booth SPB63 violin practice

Using a Sound Man, Sound Blankets and Other Tips for Bands

There’s tons of little known important tips and tricks to being hired, called back, and liked in the music community. There are many many more ways to lose the job and never get another chance. Here’s a number of things I’ve learned firsthand that’ll help in any live music venue.

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