What We Learned From FaffCon7

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cactuscovbYes, we were warned.

We were told that FaffCon would be different. And, Faffcon7 indeed was different than any other conference we have ever participated in because it was not structured . . . yet at the same time, it was VERY WELL organized.

This mix of free and honest communication coupled with a well-organized process created a smooth and comfortable conference. For example, events and meals were sponsored by the members of the “family” to make the atmosphere close-knit and personal. In fact, the entire set-up and the encouragement of Amy and other participants made it easy for open conversation the honest exchange of experiences and industry tips.

This was the first time we experienced a true peer-to-peer mixing of ideas, best practices and real-life situations in the voice acting industry. In these settings, we also were encouraged to participate and share some of our experiences working with voice actors and ideas for products for the voice over industry.

And, now, as we look over our notes and pictures from the event, we are excitingly coming up with plans for the next FaffCon. Next time, we are planning to host our own session such as How To’s . . . How to Build a Home Vocal Booth or Recording On The Road.

Overall, it was a fantastic conference and opportunity to connect with voice actors. We will be back.

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