The Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro and Air Travel

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covbatairportOften times we receive questions about the Carry-on Vocal Booth and whether it can serve as a carry-on bag or luggage during air travel. Since this portable vocal booth folds conveniently into a travel bag, looking much like a portfolio case, it can easily function as a carry on luggage during air travel on most major airlines.

Since we were planning on traveling across the country to attend FAFFCON 7 in mid September, we decided to take one along instead of shipping it with other exhibit items.

The results were just as we thought. The Carry-on Vocal Booth was easy to handle with the straps, provided ample space for other items inside the bag and didn’t have to be checked-in. In fact, we actually used it during our layover. The bag also fit easily into the overhead storage since it virtually lays flat.


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