VocalBoothToGo.com To Sponsor Voice Over Conference VO2013 in Atlanta

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Would youvocal booths, voice acting, sound booths, VO2013 like to see voice over products live and in-person? Test a sound booth out? Ask questions about acoustic room treatment or find clever ways to hang your sound blankets? Then you should attend VO2013 Atlanta and visit the VocalBoothToGo.com’s exhibit.

VocalBoothToGo.com, the producer of acoustic related tools such as sound blankets, mobile and portable vocal booths for voice talent, music recording and broadcasting industry, is proud to support VO2013 as a Silver level sponsor and will have an exhibit at the event. The conference takes place March 21-24, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia and will be attended by over 150 talent, presenters, coaches, agents, and more. Among the presenters include James Alburger and Penny Abshire.

VocalBoothToGo encourages anyone interested in creating an acoustically sound recording space to stop by their exhibit. The company will display many of its products such as its popular Producer’s Choice acoustic sound blankets and its portable vocal booth, the Carry-On Vocal Booth. The company plans on displaying a sound booth and many of its other innovative products, such as the Vocal Booth on Tracks, for voice over actors and others in the audio recording field.

For additional information on VocalBoothToGo .com products, visit https://vocalboothtogo.com/ For further information on VO2013 ATLANTA, visit http://vo2013atlanta.com

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