Sound proofing blankets question – Drum room soundproofing

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From: g. g.
Sent: Monday, May 1, 2017 7:00 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Sound proofing blankets question

I have some questions about the blankets.
I live in an apartment, where I have a small room with a drum inside.
My neighbours are below me and above me, i have no neighbours living next to the room.
So i’m wondering if the sound proofing blankets are a good idea? Do they cancel out the sound just by being there, or do i really need to cover all surrounding walls (ceiling and all) with blankets.
Let me know what your thoughts are and if it would be a good idea to buy those blankets.
They seem like the most viable option for now, but I still want to make sure.
The room is about 3 by 4 meters, and about 2,5 meters tall.
Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,



Hello G.  

This is an unexpected approach to acoustics: “Do they cancel out the sound just by being there?”

Nothing can stop sound just  “By being there”.  
If you want to block the sound – you need to construct a barrier, or line up the walls with sound proofing materials.

Blankets are NOT soundproof, they do not have high STC rating, But they have high NRC rating ( Noise Reduction Coefficient)  highly sound absorptive

What that means in your application, is that if you cover all the walls in your drum room with blankets  and allow about 3 inches space between the reflective walls and the sound absorptive blankets , then the acoustic blankets will reduce the overall sound pressure level in the room by cancelling the reflections from the walls.

See more how to use acoustic blankets for acoustic room treatment and how to reduce noise from drum room video.

So producer’s choice acoustic blankets is a good idea and it was successfully used to reduce the noise from drum room, but they need to be used properly.

Also you might want to consider other options such as laying a rubber mat under the drums to reduce vibrations, using a drum muffler ( wrap a blanket around the drum), etc.


Thank you.



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