Sound Isolation Hood – SIH


This Sound Isolation Hood is designed to provide superior acoustic environment when recording voice over in our portable Vocal Booths. It is designed to cover the performer’s head, back and shoulders to absorb the echo coming from behind. Unlike hard screens it is soft and made out of high efficiency of sound absorption material, so it does not create its own reflections.


This Sound Isolation absorption Hood is designed to work with the VOMO to provide a superior acoustic environment for audio recording in Portable Vocal Booths.

Portable vocal booths, no matter how well designed, usually have the same flaw – one side remains open. This is the side where the voice actor is standing.

Yet when you get to a professional level of performance, you might hear some back-slap from behind depending on room treatments and acoustics.
(You might have seen some hard walled mini booths that have a “shell” all around, but the hard shell inevitably going to create its own reflections and boomy sound.)

The Sound Isolation Hood eliminates these problems!

It is designed to cover the performer’s head and shoulders and the back in a way that absorbs the echo coming from behind. And by its limp nature, it does not create its own reflections.

Unlike a “blanket over the head” remedy, it does not rest on the actor’s head, instead it is supported by lightweight strong Fiberglass rods.

a Little History:

Sound Isolation Hood was originally developed as an add-on product to compliment Carry-on Vocal booth. But since it became very popular we included it as part of VOMO.  And removed from being a stand alone product. But we still had people asking for the Sound Isolation hood separately, so we made it available for purchase again.

ATTENTION:  Before you buy, please look at the  product images in the image gallery: We want to be very clear: ONLY THE BLACK Cover on those images represents the SIH.  The Blue portion is VOMO – it is NOT included with SIH. Tripod is NOT included with SIH.  The white blanket is NOT included with SIH.

We keep it available as a separate product, because some are asking for it because it helps to deal with the backslap and echo.  But you would have to figure out how to set it up and what to attach it to by yourself.

Note at this time we make the covers individually per order, so it takes some time to make them. 

As a made to order products ALLSALES ARE FINAL.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS and there is NO REFUNDS. 

NOTE: SIH IS INCLUDED WITH  VOMO ALREADY, so if you purchase the VOMO you do not need to purchase SIH.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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