Door Buddy – Noise Control Cover (38″x84″). Door Mountable Double Layered Sound Absorption Blanket.


The Door-Buddy is designed to be mounted directly on the door and seal all cracks when the door is closed.  It will move with the door and it will absorb the sound from the door and sound coming through it.
Easy to install. No damage to the door or walls.
The Door buddy covers the door and the frame and the gap that is usually can be found at the bottom of the door for all around seal.  Noise Control panel helps to significantly dampen the sound going through the door by absorbing sound energy.

NOTE: Please be aware this cover can fit interior doors with 1.5 inch thickness and exterior doors with 1.75 thickness. But the 1.75 will have a very tight fit. Please use a plastic liner technique when installing the cover.