Anti-Vibration Floor Mat with Soundproofing (Set of 2) – AVM-V


This Antivibration Floor Mat with soundblocking layer, was specifically designed to economically protect recording equipment from structure-born noise and resonant vibration, as well as block the airborne noise transmission.

The Antivibration Soundblocking Floor Mat has three important layers working together to compliment and enhance each other:

  1. 1/16 inch Traffic resistant floor vinyl – to provide durable washable surface to walk on.
  2. 1/8 inch mass loaded vinyl – to block sound waves transmission;
  3. 1 inch Rubber padding – to cancel structure borne noise vibrations;

The Antivibration Floor mat allows it to work effectively in many applications where the recording equipment of the noise source need to be decoupled  from the building.  Including Vocal Booth support, decoupling microphone from the floor, amplifiers or speaker placement.

Get the Antivibration Floor mat with sound block to create better recording for yourself and better relationships with neighbors!

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