Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets Improves Acoustic for Live Band Peformance

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Byron Santo and his band, the Melody Cool Band, always confronted an acoustical nightmare when preforming at a gig in a bar that had the stage constructed against full length windows and a brick wall.

”It was always stressful because the sound would reflect off the brick wall and windows and then mix with the sound system and cause lots of interference,” Santo shared with ”I would have to bring my mixing board or hire a sound guy.”

Santo contacted the company for some advice on using the Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets for stage use. He decided to give the sound blankets a try to see if it would help with the overall acoustics.

”What an improvement the Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets made,” Santo said. ”Not only did the band notice the improved acoustics, but our regular fans noticed the difference too.”

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