Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets Resolve Acoustic Room Treatment Issues for U.S. Troop Podcasting Studio

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Links: is working together with Operation Soldier Assist in creating an audio recording studio with proper acoustic room treatment with the help of Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets. Operation Soldier Assist (OSA), a nonprofit U.S. military troop-support organization, supplies tactical gear and care packages to deployed personnel throughout the world. The organization recently initiated a podcasting project to create audio cds to ship to soldiers serving in the U.S. military. The recording studio would also be utilized to create personal voice and even musical recordings from individual soldier’s families to their loved ones in the military.

Because OSAs recording studio was very reflective and the quality of the recordings were poor, OSA contacted for recommendations on ways to cut down on reverberation in the studio. Their studio included concrete flooring, a drop ceiling and mirrors on the walls in the room. Due to the lack of acoustic treatment in their studio space, OSAs recordings were negatively impacted by echoes. What they needed was to solve their acoustical issue with Producer’s Choice blankets.

operation soldier assist

In supporting their mission, donated OSA their largest Producer’€™s Choice Acoustic Blankets for acoustic room treatment. These are the best performing blankets currently available, and OSA’s reverberation problem was resolved immediately.

“I want to tell you that your Producer’€™s Choice Acoustic Blankets work superbly. What a great enhancement to our podcasting studio, Blaine, the founder of the nonprofit told VocalBoothToGo. We have a clean, clear, sharp sound while recording. You are helping our efforts to encourage our troops€!

He also happily noted that the studio also looked professional. A double bonus.

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