Musician Reviews Producer’s Choice Blankets on Company Website

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Martin Morissette of purchased’s Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets and loved them so much, he reviewed them on his company website. We love finding random reviews and comments from customers sharing tips and information about our products online. Here is his personal review of the blankets. More photos are available on the 4ChordsProduction site too.

I live in a 2 bedrooms apartment and as you know, I have two daughters, and therefore my home studio is located in our living room. Not ideal you may say…. Indeed, but nonetheless I still manage to capture professional quality sound! And how do I go about and do this? The answer is: Producers Choice Blankets.

They are by far, before any other gear I own (Microphones, Pre-Amps, Instruments,…), THE reason why my recording sounds clean and dry. The layout of my apartment is an open concept between the living room, dining room and kitchen. You can imagine how such a large room built of hard wood floor, gyprock walls and sealing and ceramic floor in the kitchen might sound like. Also, since it’s our family room, I still haven’t managed to convinced my fiancé to let me treat the room with acoustic foam.

Go figure… So I was looking for a removable option that would be quick and easy to setup and tear down. During my research, I stumbled upon many different options but none of which were appealing to me. At last, I landed on the Vocal Booth To Go web site and fell in love with these producers choice blankets. These blankets absorb up to 80% of the sound, they are dirt cheap and easy to setup and tear down.

After using them for just about a year now, I have not regretted them once. They are the perfect option if you have a mobile studio or your setup is less then ideal like mine. Check out some of the pictures at the top of this post and see how I have used them to track different instruments. I have to say that the only down side of these blankets is that due to to their weight, you will most likely pay more in shipping then the blankets them self.

Regardless, they are still well worth it.




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