Soundblocking Corner Seal Strip


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This product is perfect for the DIY booth builder looking for something to seal up the corners of your booth. This corner sealing product features mass loaded vinyl to provide up to 45dB of noise reduction helping to make your booth more air tight.

Product Specifications:
1.  Width: 12 inches
2. Length 80 inches
3. Color – black
4. Materials: reinforced mass loaded vinyl strip, density 1 lb per square foot, enclosed in durable outer nylon shell.
5. Special features: outer nylon shell has two parallel 4 inch wide velcro hook strips going along the length.
6. Purpose: this product was designed to wrap around the corners of a vocal booth or go over the junction of two soundproofing panels to stop sound leaking through the joints. It is a great soundproofing solution for DIY sound booth to cover seams angles and corners.
7. Acoustic test; STC = 27. ( blocks 27 dB in midrange. Higher in higher frequency range)


Weight 10 lbs


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