Noise Reduction Treatment


Most noise source is coming through windows or doors. here we have specially constructed Window and door noise control blankets.

For a heavy duty sound blocking there are soundproofing panels, that can be attached to wall to block out noisy neighbor, or seal window or doorway.


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Noise is something that you do not want to hear.  Products in this group will help you to mitigate that problem.

Window noise control blankets are double layer Producers choice sound-absorbing blankets designed to cover windows . They are effective in blocking noises like light traffic noise, birds chirping noise and such.

Door noise control blankets designed to be hang over the door or in a doorway to dampen noise coming through the door.

These are not 100% soundproof products, but they are very effective and give the best bang for your buck.

SoundProof-er Wall Panels ( SPWP) are very heavy, they consist of Mas Loaded Vinyl ( MLV) sandwiched between two layers of blankets, designed to block noise. ( STC 33).  The Sound blocking component in these panels is Mass Loaded Vinyl ( MLV), a material specifically designed and manufactured to stop sound.  These panels can be used as a sound barrier on its own ( not inside a wall).

This is a custom made product.  The recommended width is 40 inches.  Please e-mail us to request an estimate.

Please note that complete soundproofing is a complicated and expensive project. Materials block sound to a certain degree. No material is 100% soundproof.  Soundproofing involves using heavy materials, building airtight enclosure, decoupling from the underlying structure etc.




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