6 Inch Quiet Ventilation Fan


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This is our 6 inch inline fan we use in our Quiet Ventilation Fan with Muffler

Our fans can be used when building a ventilation system for your DIY booth.

This fan will move a lot of air and runs quietly. When used with our Fan Speed Controller, you can adjust how much airflow and also the noise floor of the fan itself.

Fan Speed Controller

Sold as is for use with DIY booth cooling projects.


Size: 6 inch
Voltage: 120v
Air Volume: 320 M³H (188CFM)
Power: 18W
Noise Level: 188CFM – 29dB
1 Year Warranty


Note: Do not allow the fan to overheat! If you feel the fan motor is getting hot – turn the fan off and let it cool off. If the fan left working for extended periods of time in a hot environment the plastic may melt and the fan will stop working. Allowing the fan to overheat will void the warranty.

Contains (1) plastic fan with power cable.


Weight 4 lbs


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