Q: My blankets are not the same size as advertised

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A: The blanket size specified in product description, is so called, “cut size”  of the material, meaning that when fabric is flattened it would measure as described. After the the material has been bound, the actual size of the blanket tends to be somewhat smaller.

Producer’s choice blankets, especially the VB series with 2 inch parallel quilting pattern, tend to expand in thickness more and therefore get more narrow, than Zig-Zag stitched blankets.  That is because when the blankets fluff up they become thicker (think 3D versus 2D), therefore to compensate they shrink by about 5-10%. For VB -series blankets this is mostly happens at the expense of the width of the blanket.

As an example, imagine measuring a pillow case: if you take a pillow case off, the pillow and measure it flat (2 dimensional footprint) it will be “larger”, than when you stuff the pillow in it and measure the footprint again.

When estimating the amount of blankets you need to cover your walls make sure to allow some extra blankets to overlap.

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