Voice of ‘Barney’ Gives Carry On Vocal Booth a Thumbs Up

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deanwendtheadshotDean Wendt is an American voice actor best known as the voice of Barney on the hit children’s show Barney & Friends. Dean came across VocalBoothToGo.com when he was searching for a portable vocal booth that provided great acoustics without a boxy sound or echoes, something he found less than desirable with other booths on the market.

“I have to tell you, I have been looking for the perfect travel companion for a long time to do voiceover,” Dean told VocalBoothToGo. “Your Carry on Vocal Booth Pro is just amazing!”


Dean especially was impressed with the acoustics of the Carry on Vocal Booth Pro saying it did not produce a boxy sound.

“I have tried a bunch of vocal booths. Nothing compares to this. I am VERY picky. Not boxy sounding like the others. Great company and great people. HIGHLY recommend.”

The Carry on Vocal Booth Pro currently comes with the VocalBoothToGo mini boom and also the script holder — another plus that Dean was excited about.





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