VOMO -Portable – Voice Over Mobile Audio Recording Booth. ( 2018 model)



The 2018-VOMO, Portable Vocal Booth for vocal recording on the road, provides affordable studio-quality sound control in almost any environment.

  • The 360 degrees Surround Sound Isolation Hood is INCLUDED! Which eliminates any echo that can come from the back.

NOTE: this is a 2018 model , which is discontinued.

It is fully functional and has all accessories.

There is a little manufacturer’s defect on the inside of one of the liners, which is completely undetectable from the outside.

This unit has mic stand mounting gear and the counterbalancing straps.  Please follow this link to learn how to mount the VOMO 2018 on a Microphone stand or tripod.


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Cover has been washed.
The 2018-VOMO, Carry-On Portable Vocal Booth for vocal recording provides affordable studio-quality sound control in almost any environment.

Designed and engineered with input from Emmy-award winning vocalists, producers, and engineers, the 2018-VOMO now helps elevate the sound quality of vocalists everywhere.

This is the only portable vocal booth on the market that can accommodate practically any microphone that you use:

VOMO_ Sennheiser mic
VOMO with Sennheiser mic

Check our our Microphone Compatibility Page and see for yourself.

Yes, we are not going to list specific models of microphones, because you can use any type or size microphone with the VOMO! Front address, side address microphones,  SENNHEISER Microphone or any other..

The 2018-VOMO Carry-On Portable Vocal Booth for vocal recording includes:

  • Sound Absorbing Portable Vocal Booth with Stronger Nylon Outer Case and Support Base
  • Script Holder (for Phone, Tablet, Smartphone, Notepad)
  • Pop-Filter
  • Accessory pouches are located on booth sides for easy access.
  • Sound Isolation Hood (for 360 degree acoustic treatment)
  • LED noiseless clip on table light on a flexible goose neck stem. The light has several level of brightness. Comes with USB cord to recharge the battery (power adaptor is not included)
  • Mini Boom (To adjust your microphone in the booth for best sound recording)
  • Closed Dimensions are 24″ Wide x 22″ Deep x 5.5″ Tall
  • Dimensions open: – 24″ wide x 22 ” Deep x 20″ tall .
  • Weight – 17 pounds


2018-VOMO is a complete Voice Over recording booth that gives you 360-degree acoustic treatment anywhere you go. Because we include a Surround Sound Isolation Hood – it is the only product on the market that consistently delivers great acoustics in any environment.
Cover hood for VOMO provides 360-degree sound control
Cover hood for VOMO provides 360-degree sound control
No, the hood DOES NOT rest on your head – it is supported on its own support rods, so you can freely move your head even when you are under the hood!
2018-VOMO produces a reliable and consistent acoustic environment wherever you go. Now you can travel and still make yourself available to do recordings for your clients anywhere.


Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 4 in
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